Edelson and Lahey

Bishop Lahey was NOT a pedophile, his lawyer Edelson and his psychiatrist Bradford have emphasized.

Lahey, who has been involved in a 10-year romantic relationship after a number of one-night stands, imagines himself in a “submissive role” in his sado-masochistic sex fantasies, Bradford said. (Ottawa Citizen)

However, Bradford acknowledged he gave little consideration to the fact Lahey was carrying a bag of sex toys when he was stopped by border agents or had travelled to countries known for the child sex-trade, such as Thailand.

A Newfoundland man has filed a civil suit against Lahey for allegedly fondling him repeatedly at the Mount Cashel orphanage, but the unproven allegations contained in the lawsuit were not considered in criminal court Monday.

Bradford said Lahey explained he was indiscriminately downloading what he believed to be gay adult pornography from the Internet and must have downloaded the child pornography there. Edelson argued many of the websites have provisos saying the models depicted are over the age of 18. (Ottawa Citizen)

Lahey is merely interested in this type of improving literature and imagery:

They included 588 pornographic pictures of adolescents and boys as young as eight. Some were engaged in explicit sex acts, including intercourse. Lahey also possessed several pornographic stories, including one featuring a character named Father Raymond. (Ottawa Citizen)

Lahey likes to mix sex and religion. The images

included young boys and teens engaged in sex acts including bondage and torture. A Crown prosecutor said Tuesday some of the 588 images that were later discovered on Lahey’s laptop computer included graphic images of nude boys wearing rosary beads and crucifixes.

Police also located 63 child pornography videos and several stories with themes of slavery. (Ottawa Citizen)

The  Crown prosecutor Elhadad noticed the peculiarities of Lahey’s tastes:

Elhadad however pointed to images of torture in the collections seized from Lahey in 2009 at the Ottawa International Airport and noted a number of the images included victims wearing rosaries and in one case a man dressed as a monk paddling a young male. Elhadad said the religious and torture imagery relates directly to stories that were also discovered on Lahey’s laptop computer. (Metro News)

This is all too reminiscent of Huysman and the Catholic Decadents of the nineteenth century. It also makes the highly unreliable Malachi Martin’s stories of black masses in the Vatican altogether too believable. The mixture of perverted sexual torture and religion gives the ultimate frisson.

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