According to Ship of Fools (who has done the most intelligible translation of the Portuguese news article): 

The final document of the 12th National Meeting for Presbyters, which ended yesterday in the Monastery of Itaici, in the city of Indaiatuba (SP), asks the Vatican for alternatives to priestly celibacy – which would mean the ordination of married men and the readmission of priests who left the ministry to get married. Approved by 430 delegates, representing all 18.685 priests from the 269 Brazilian dioceses, comprised of 9.222 parishes, the request will be sent to the Holy Congregation for the Clergy, at Rome, currently presided by Dom Claudio Cardinal Hummes, former Archbishop of São Paulo.  

Of course, the meeting is only a few hundred priests out of the thousands in Brazil, and activists who get elected to councils tend not to be representative of public opinion, but the Brazilian priests are asking that the de facto situation of married priests in Brazil become recognized de jure. It is an open secret that many priests in Brazil and African are married.  

The Catholic Church does not want to jettison the discipline of celibacy for the diocesan clergy, but it is an unhealthy situation when so many priests are in fact married (if only in what we call a common-law marriage) and the Church looks the other way. This cultivation of duplicity probably does more harm than changing the disciple of celibacy would do. Richard Sipe, with much evidence, thinks that the almost-universal failure to observe celibacy among the clergy was the main reason sexual abuse of children was tolerated. Everyone had secrets, and no one wanted the closet doors opened.


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