Child Abuser and TAZ Founder Dietrich Willier AKA Didi

Americans are a provincial lot, and the German language is Greek to them. Pope Benedict rightly pointed out that in the 1970s pedophilia was considered progressive.   I specifically pointed out that the co-president of the Green Party in Germany has written in his memoirs he had had sex with the children he was teaching  – he later claimed this passage was mere “provocation”  (épater les bourgeois and all that). Someone replied to me was this was all meaningless, that no one important had ever done such a thing, and who was this Daniel Cohn-Bendit dude anyway? 

The Germans, perhaps having been trained by post-1945 events to look at their history and not turn away from unpleasant realities, are examining the connection of the 1970s Left with pedophilia and pederasty. 

The Tageszeitung (TAZ), a Berlin, leftist newspaper, is shocked, absolutely shocked to discover that one of its founders, the late Dietrich Willier (although following German custom they identify him only as Dietrich W.) was a pedophile. 

The Odenwaldschule, an ultra-progressive school, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reports, was “a paradise for pederasts.” One of them was Dietrich Willier, who abused at least nine children and had an extensive child pornography collection, featuring victims as young as three. His students remember Willier as “charismatic, anarchist, and crazy.” With his “cool behavior” he connected with his young victims. 

He left the school and started a primal scream therapy institute. One of the former students who visited him there was Andreas von Weizsäcker, who died two and a half years ago. Andreas was the son of the Federal President.

 The editor in chief of TAZ piously declares:  

The connection between abuse of children, the German Left, and also TAZ has not yet been sufficiently publicly explained. 

Die Verbindungen zwischen Kindesmisshandlern, der deutschen Linken und auch der taz zu der Zeit sind offensichtlich noch nicht ausreichend geklärt”

 At the end of the 1970s Willier became one of the founders of TAZ. He served as the Stuttgart correspondent. TAZ provided pederasts a platform, because “part of the Left milieu sympathized at that time with the pederasts, who defined themselves as a liberating movement.” 

FAZ noted that the Pedophile Movement  had its origin in the 1970s in the School Movement. The “General Homosexual Work Society” demanded in the 1970s that “sex between adults and children” must be free of penalties.

Ihren Anfang nahm die sogenannte „Pädophilie-Bewegung“ in den sechziger Jahren in der Schwulenbewegung. Die „Allgemeine homosexuelle Arbeitsgemeinschaft“ forderte in den Siebzigern, dass „Sexualität zwischen Erwachsenen und Kindern“ straffrei bleiben müsse.

That is sex between adults and children should be completely decriminalized. In 1977 in the journal Plasterstand one read:

Since we understand ourselves to be human beings who fight against every oppression, than this applies also to pederasts…We do children violence,  when we do not grasp their sexual needs.

Wenn wir uns als Menschen begreifen, die gegen jede Unterdrückung kämpfen, dann gilt es auch für Päderasten. . . . Wir tun den Kindern ja Gewalt an, wenn wir auf ihre sexuellen Bedürfnisse nicht eingehen.

The editor of TAZ might begin by looking in its own files. FAZ looked at TAZ from the 1970s and discovered: 

The newspaper sympathized with “Pedo-Groups” among other with the Nuremberg “Indian Commune.” In 1979 there appeared in TAZ an article with the headline “Crimes without Victims.” The writer Olaf Stüben announced: “I love boys.”

Die Zeitung sympathisierte mit „Pädo-Gruppen“, unter anderen mit der Nürnberger „Indianerkommune“. 1979 erschien in der „taz“ ein Artikel unter der Überschrift: „Verbrechen ohne Opfer“. Autor Olaf Stüben verkündete: „Ich liebe Jungs“.  

TAZ reports of Willier that everyone thought he was making it with women, especially strong feminist types. But, FAZ notes, 

Whoever concerns himself closely with the topic “Pedo-Criminals” knows: Anyone who once has started to abuse children never leaves off.  

Dabei weiß, wer sich mit dem Thema „Pädokriminelle“ näher beschäftigt: Wer einmal damit angefangen hat, Kinder zu missbrauchen, der hört nicht damit auf

The moral of this story: 

The Catholic Church is not the only organization that is queasy about confronting its past connection with sexual abuse. The German Left is equally reluctant. Perhaps more so. 

Even more importantly: Abusers can exploit a variety of milieus. Abusers like Maciel used the Catholic culture of absolute obedience to get victims; the pedophiles at the progressive schools (and also “cool” priests) used an anything-goes atmosphere to get victims. 

Are there milieus in which abuse is less likely to occur or, if it does occur, to be detected and stopped immediately? That is what sociologists and psychologists should be able to help us determine, but the conversation about abuse has not yet reached this adult level.

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