As Rick noted in his comment, the German article on sexual abuse needs some clarification.


It did not specify whether the previous research that showed that in general sexual abuse victims were 25% male and 75% female was done in Germany or world-wide. I presume it was done in Germany. In the United States the percentage of male victims of priests is much higher that the percentage of female victims.


Another point that needs clarification: the article says that the high (for Germany?) percentage of male victims indicates that the circles of homosexuals should be looked at for possible perpetrators.




The percentage overall is 50-50 male female, although homosexual abuse is higher in the boarding schools.


Zimmer (the head of the project) thinks that neither celibacy nor sexuality is the source of the abuse, but rather a desire for control and power (Gewalt und Macht).


He says this

 1. Because the perpetrators are typically older priests, not recently ordained, young priests in whom the sexual drive is presumable stronger and

2. Because the perpetrators carry out careful plans of gain in the confidence of children and parents and carry on the abuse over a long period.


From my study of the American cases, I think that Zimmer is largely correct. It may be that the type of homosexual (and heterosexual) attracted to the clergy is characterized by extreme narcissism and a desire to control people. This would explain the disproportionate number of perpetrators who have also been liturgists. The joke is “What is the difference between a terrorist and a liturgist? – You can negotiate with a terrorist.”


I will keep an eye open for further articles about the German data; I may write Zimmer to ask for clarification.

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