My daughter, a painter who has fled Florida for a northern art school, is visiting us in Naples and noticed the progress of the arts in the town of Ave Maria, Florida. The Naples Daily News reports:

The Ave Maria Gallery and History Exhibit has opened in La Piazza, the town center of Ave Maria, a community and university at Oil Well and Camp Keais roads in eastern Collier County.

“We believe visitors to our town will very much enjoy this gallery,” said Project Manager Blake Gable. “It provides interesting perspective on Ave Maria’s history.”

The gallery displays a variety of archival items that relate to Ave Maria University and its founder, Tom Monaghan, who also was the founder of Domino’s Pizza and owner of the Detroit Tigers.

Included are:

The founding of a university: Photographs spanning the building of the university from the tomato fields that preceded it to today, as well as the construction of the Oratory, from its first sketches to its completion.

Fine Art Gallery with artwork for viewing and sale.

A tribute to the late Pope John Paul II: A bust of Pope John Paul II, a chair that was custom built for his historic 1987 visit to Detroit, plus photographs of the Mass at the Pontiac Silver Dome in Detroit and more.

Detroit Tiger baseball archives: The 1984 World Series trophy, one of Al Kaline’s Gold Glove Awards, a Joe DiMaggio designed baseball glove chair and assorted signed memorabilia.

A brief history of Domino’s Pizza: The sign from the first store, plus archival photos and historical information.

Model of Frank Lloyd Wright House: An architect’s rendition of the Robie House in Chicago.

The exhibit, which will continue to grow and evolve, is at 5072 Annunciation Circle, No. 103 next to Tropical Smoothie.

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