My last statement “in almost all priests” is not clear. What I meant was that Catholics are repeatedly told that reception of the sacraments is the surest path to holiness. Priests have the most intimate association with the sacraments; one would expect that except in the rarest cases (1 out of  10,000, 1 out of  100,000) priests would therefore at least exhibit good character. But at least 5 % of American priests have been sexual abusive to minors, plus the ones who have entered into abusive relationships with adults. 

Clearly simple reception of the sacraments is not sufficient. What is missing? Repentance? A lively faith? Or is the expectation that the sacraments would repair grave defects such as psychopathy or extreme narcissism an unreasonable expectation? 

In many cases these aberrant characters did not “sneak through.” Their defects were known or strongly suspected in the seminaries, but they were ordained anyway.

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