Le Figaro reports: 

La France est un pays qui vieillit. Près d’un habitant sur trois devrait avoir plus de 60 ans en 2050, contre un sur cinq en 2005. Soit 22,3 millions de personnes séxagénaires et plus, contre 12,6 millions. A cette date, l’âge moyen des Français sera de 42,6 ans, contre 39 ans en 2006.


France is an ageing country. Almost one of of three inhabitants will be more than 60 years old in 2050, as opposed to one in five in 2005. There will be 22.3 million sexagenarians and older, as opposed to 12.6 million. At that date, the average age in France will be 42.6 years, as opposed to 39 years in 2006. 

The only comfort is that Italy and Spain, with lower birth rates, are ageing faste and will face the retirement financing problem sooner.

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