Doctors are held to a higher standard than priests are. The National Post reports: 

A surgeon who engaged in sexual acts with four women who came to him for weight loss surgeries, including twin sisters, had his licence revoked today.
Dr. Jacobo Joffe, who practiced out of Scarborough Grace hospital, pleaded no contest to allegations of sexual abuse and dishonourable conduct.
Dr. Joffe, 59, had sex with four patients at the hospital and his office between 2001 and 2007, and also instructed two of the patients to take illegal drugs during their sexual encounters.
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario revoked Dr. Joffe’s certificate of registration, and ordered him to appear before the discipline committee again to be reprimanded, as is mandatory in sex abuse cases.
‘‘[He] took advantage of the patients’ vulnerability,” said prosecutor Carolyn Silver.

Notice that the victims were adults, and the time between crime and punishment was short.

In 1913 Father Hans Schmidt killed his pregnant housekeeper-mistress. Even then newspapers commented that medical and legal professions were far more vigilant than churches were in keeping out charlatans and criminals.

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