The university administration certainly conspired to cover up Sandusky’s abuse, but was he also pimping kids to rich pedophile donors?

Probably not, but there is a possibility it could be true.

There are rings and networks of pedophiles. How they network is a great mystery to the agents of the law, but they definitely network and have done so for decades, well before computers, much less the internet, came into being. How do they recognize one another? It is dangerous to reveal to an honest person that you are engaged in sexual activity with children. He might just go to the police – although pedophiles may have an accurate opinion about the general lack of courage in the human species.

Sandusky would be in the ideal position to feed victims to other pedophiles, all the while pretending he was helping the kids associated with his charity. As a psychopath, he would have no qualms about doing it. There are certainly other pedophiles out there. The Rev. Gordon McRae in New Hampshire was sending boys to other pederasts and the Rev. Paul Shanley passed his victims around to other priests in Boston – and mysterious envelopes taped to victims’ bodies contained, I assume, either cash or drugs. There were well-documented rings of abusers in the dioceses of Davenport, Iowa, and El Paso, Texas. The Casa Pia orphanages in Portugal provided victims for pedophiles among the elite.

But did Sandusky do this at Penn State or Second Mile? Did the pedophiles in turn make donations to Penn State or to Second Mile? If this happened, did the university or the charity administration have any inkling of it? The administration has clearly demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice children to maintain the reputation of the football program. How far did this willingness go?

The victims would be the best source of information; I trust that they have been interviewed and the police are following all leads; the governor seems to be wholly behind the investigation even if it leads to the highest places.

Although such a conspiracy would help to explain the events at Penn State, one should not assume in the absence of positive evidence that it exists.  It is simply a working hypothesis, because pedophiles tend to network and use charities as fronts. But Sandusky may well  be a lone criminal.

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