The day when the Lord calls him, he will be neither disturbed nor surprised. He will have known this departure, he will have loved it – this manner of going and leaving all things, ready to take them up again or never again to find them, as God wills.  Renunciation will be familiar to him, he has rehearsed it and drilled it, he is ready. For one day having taken the pilgrimage seriously, he finds death sweet and promising, and this fatherland which he has searched for on earth in parable, he is ready at last to find in eternity.

Albert-Marie Besnard

Je vous attends. Je ne suis pas loin, juste de l’autre côté du chemin. Vous voyez, tout est bien. Charles Péguy

I am waiting for you. I am not far, just on the other side of the road. You will see, all is well.

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