German police tore down an Israeli flag because it offended Moslem protestors. When will Germans start arresting Jews and ah, “disposing” of them so that Moslems won’t tear Germany apart? Der Spiegel reports: 

Police in the western German city of Duisburg have admitted they removed flags a student had hung in his apartment in support of Israel during a pro-Palestinian protest march in the city. Officers broke down his door and removed the flags. The city’s police chief has issued an apology, but outrage is spreading. 

A student had hung Israel flags in his apartment window. He was outside watching the anti-Israeli demonstration. 

“Suddenly,” the student explained, “I saw a police officer on the balcony on the second floor” in the apartment located directly beneath his. The officer ripped down the Israeli flag that had been affixed to P.’s balcony. A short time later he witnessed an officer inside his own apartment taking down the flag that had been hung in the bedroom. 

To see the Moslem youths applauding the police tearing down the Israeli flag see YouTube.

The police defended their action: 

Initially, Duisburg police defended their actions. In its Monday issue, the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper quoted a police spokesperson stating that the flags had been removed in order to de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation. German news agency DDP quoted the spokesperson on Tuesday saying “the right thing had been done here.” 

And the student is afraid to use his apartment, because the police destroyed the door.

On Tuesday, Peter P. said he had obtained the services of a lawyer. He still hasn’t been told who will be held responsible for paying for the door broken down by police. 

A small rehearsal for a future Kristallnacht? Italian socialists want to identify all Jewish-owned shops so people can boycott them. The Germans perhaps can supply old Stars of David from war surplus.


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