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Progress, What Crimes Are Committed in Thy Name!

June 12th, 2013 · 17 Comments

The European has a long interview (in German) by reporter Sebastian Pfeffer with the psychotherapist Jürgen Lemke. He brings to light a very recent era which has disappeared down the memory hole. In the generation of the revolutionaries of 1968 and among the Greens pedophilia was almost “fashionable.”

Lemke: These groups maintained that “Children also have the right to sex with adults and desire it.”

The pedophiles saw themselves as doing children a favor. The revolutionaries who were not themselves pedophiles wanted to get rid of all taboos and restrictions, and did not want to impose any on pedophiles. Children were the victims of the sexual revolution.

Lemke: Eine Mutter, deren Sohn lange bei mir in Therapie war, war in den Siebzigern darauf stolz, dass ein Lehrer sich in ihren Sohn „verliebte“ und Sexualität einforderte. „Mein Unwohlsein darüber“, das sagt sie heute, „habe ich damals verdrängt, weil ich keine rückständige Mutter sein wollte.“ Im Grunde opferte sie den eigenen Sohn für eine Ideologie, die im Namen des Fortschritts das Zusammenleben neu regeln wollte.

“A mother, whose son was in therapy with me a long time, in the 1970s was proud that a teacher ‘loved’ her son and called for sex. She now says ‘At that time I suppressed my discomfort about that because I didn’t want to be an old-fashioned mother.’ Basically she sacrificed her own son for an ideology that in the name of progress desired to order anew the ways of living together.”

The Greens offered pedophiles a political home, but progressives in general accepted pedophilia.

Lemke: So abstrus das heute klingt, aber in allen Schichten der Bevölkerung gab es unter Erwachsenen den unausgesprochenen Konsens, Sex zwischen Kindern und Erwachsenen schade einem Kind nicht. Und wenn ein Kind nicht mitmachen wolle, könne es doch Nein sagen.

„As odd as it now sounds, but in all levels of the populace there was among adults the unspoken assumption that sex between children and adults did no harm the child. And when the child didn’t want to go along with it, he could always say No.”

Pedophiles have a bad rep nowadays, but that was not always the case.

Lemke: Mitte der 90er-Jahre veröffentlichte der renommierte Wissenschaftler Prof. Rüdiger Lautmann ein Buch, in dem er zwischen „guten“ und „schlechten“ Pädophilen unterscheidet. Die guten kümmern sich, fördern Kinder, insbesondere solche aus sozial schwachen Familien. Die schlechten benutzen sie ausschließlich zur Triebbefriedigung. Aus meiner Sicht ein missglückter Versuch, das sich in den Neunzigern wieder negativ einfärbende öffentliche Bild der Pädophilen zu korrigieren. Pädophile beteuern bis heute: „Ich habe aus dem Jungen etwas gemacht, bei den Verhältnissen in seiner Herkunftsfamilie hätte er sein Leben niemals aus eigener Kraft bewältigt. Ich war immer rücksichtsvoll. Wollte er keinen Sex, habe ich sein Nein respektiert.“

In the mid-1990s the renowned scientist Professor Rüdiger Lautmann published a book, in which he distinguished between „good“ and „bad“ pedophiles. The good ones are careful, mentor children, especially those from socially weak families. The bad ones use children exclusively for the satisfaction of their own desires. In my opinion this is a misguided attempt to correct what in the 1990s had again become a one-sided negative public image of pedophiles. Even today pedophiles protest “I made something of this lad; because of the conditions in his family of birth he could never have overcome his life by his own power. I was always considerate. If he didn’t want sex, I respected his No.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the Green politician one wrote of his experience as a teacher in the glory days of German leftism:

„Mein ständiger Flirt mit den Kindern nahm erotische Züge an. Es ist mir mehrmals passiert, dass einige Kinder meinen Hosenlatz geöffnet und angefangen haben, mich zu streicheln. Das stellte mich vor Probleme. Aber wenn sie darauf bestanden haben, habe ich sie dennoch gestreichelt.“

My constant flirting with the children took an erotic direction. Many times it happened to me, that a child opened my fly and began to stoke me. That gave me a problem. But when they continued, I then also stroked them.

Cohn-Bendit now denies that this ever happened. He now claims he wrote it as a “provocation” – écrasez les bourgeoisie – to shock the philistines - in the best progressive fashion.

(”I wash their bottoms, I tickle them [the children], they tickle me, we canoodle” (Here is the 1982 Interview , mainly in French).

His advocacy of sex with children has not hurt Cohn-Bendit’s career as a Green politician. He got an important honor in 2013:

The media long ignored the progressives’ connection with pedophilia; in fact they covered up for them:

Lemke: Die „taz“ war lange Sprachrohr der Pädophilen. Noch 2007, als ich zusammen mit dem Journalisten Manfred Karremann dessen Buch „Es geschieht am helllichten Tag“ in der Urania in Berlin vorstellte, zündeten Pädophile eine Stinkbombe, brüllten uns nieder und sprengten die Veranstaltung. Von den Medien, die ansonsten die Flöhe husten hören, kam nicht die geringste Reaktion. Noch 2007 wurde Pädophilie auch in den sogenannten seriösen Medien als Kavaliersdelikt behandelt.

TAZ [die Tageszeitung, leading leftist newspaper] was for a longtime the mouthpiece of pedophiles. Even in 2007, when I was with the journalist Manfred Karreman whose book, It Happened in Broad Daylight, was published in Urania in Berlin, the pedophiles set off a stink bomb, shouted us down, and disrupted the meeting. Not the slightest reaction came from the media, which could otherwise hear a flea cough. Even in 2007 pedophilia was treated as a mere peccadillo in the so-called serious media.

TAZ 1973 published this manifesto: “Pedophilia: A Crime without a Victim.”

Lemke also blames the conservatives. For the Church, Kollegenschutz geht vor Opferschutz, the protection of colleagues had precedence over the protection of children.

Pedophilia has become unfashionable because the child-victims of the 1960s and 1970s are now adults and can vote and take legal action.

The revelation of widespread abuse by priests has made pedophilia unfashionable, at least for the moment. However in our Brave New World I am sure that the courts and public will soon notice that puberty is occurring earlier and earlier in both boys and girls, and that they are being denied sexual fulfillment by old-fashioned laws. Incest is the latest cause:

Green Politican Stroebele will allow incest

Also, I have never gotten a clear answer form those who hold that “conscience” trumps all external laws and traditions of society and the Church. Pedophiles think in their conscience that they are doing the right thing; why shouldn’t we respect their conscience? After all the Catholic Theological Society has maintained that Science (It must be true. It’s SCIENCE!) has never shown that any sexual behavior (ANY) is intrinsically and always harmful. We are after all in a Brave New World. where anything goes (as long as you think it is OK). So we can all proceed directly with out sexual projects until society becomes more enlightened. That’s what pedophiles have been saying all along.

In reply to Jim:

I have documented the sexual abuse of children by Catholic clerics in my book Sacrilege. But sometimes it seems that adult-child sex is viewed as wrong only if the adult is a priest. The clergy too were caught up in the sexual revolution, and there seems to have been a major increase in abuse by priests in the 60s and 70s. But many influential people on the left were trying to normalize adult-child sex at that time.

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  • 1 Jim Robertson // Jun 12, 2013 at 10:34 am

    So it’s the left who were molesting children in the Catholic Church for the past 2 eons?
    I must have missed that memo.

  • 2 Mary // Jun 12, 2013 at 11:26 am

    I missed the same memo !
    For me it was the liberals vs the conservatives in partisan politics.



  • 3 Augusta Wynn // Jun 12, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    There are lunatics, it appears, wielding all kinds of influence on our planet. Men without conscience exist in abundance. They rationalize everything, hiding behind ideology, but ideology has little to do with it. It is and has always been about domination.
    We as a people always knew there were dirty old men who looked at you “funny” or were to be found sometimes seen hiding out in parks. What gives the priest involvement in sex crimes against children such ferocity is the vast evil hypocrisy of the hierarchy who kept them in business. Fueled by religious ritual and the alchemy of all that power, and carried out all over the globe. Sacrilege.
    All criminal statute of limations must be relinquished for crimes against children so that bad men who sexually violate children will be held accountable.


  • 4 mary // Jun 12, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Today black is white and white is black as long as you call it by another name .
    “Tolerance” works well as does “Love”, but a rose or a pile of excriment still smells the same by any other name you care to give it.

  • 5 tioedong // Jun 12, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    Yes, I was taught this during our psychiatric rotation in medical school. (I graduated in 1971) We were even taught that once contraception and abortion were easily obtained, that all mental illnesses would disappear because mental illness was due to sexual repression and guilt.

    These opinions became more mainstream with time: I remember, in the 1980’s, when California decided not to jail “non violent sexual offenders” but give them outpatient treatment.

    And then, also in the 1980’s, when “incest” became a hot topic, Newsweek had an article saying therapists shouldn’t report cases, because putting a father in jail only would destroy the family structure.

    Being a female doc when few physicians were females, I have seen a lot of abuse of girls. And yes, testimony in the courts was devastating to the women: if the case wasn’t solid, it wasn’t taken to court, and we we “plea bargained” when possible.
    So if priests in the recent past got away with a lot, so did other sexual predators.

  • 6 TheAltonRoute // Jun 12, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Fascist oligarchical perverts run this country. They can come in left or right variants but they represent the disease of the ruling class.

  • 7 Truth Lover // Jun 12, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    Listening to the excruciating stories of the victims is the little pebble that topples the pedophiliac Goliath’s arguments. To anyone in doubt about what a victim has to suffer, I suggest reading Charles L. Bailey’s book: “In the Shadow of the Cross: The True Account of my Childhood Sexual and Ritual Abuse at the Hands of a Roman Catholic Priest” published by author in 2005. It had me in tears.

  • 8 Augusta Wynn // Jun 12, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    Mary, what does being gay have to do with pedophilia?

  • 9 Truth Lover // Jun 13, 2013 at 6:48 am

    According to the DSM-II, pedophiles are sociopathic. This means they are capable of lying self-servingly without scruple. Even though the DSM changed its tune after the second edition, the percentage of sociopaths among pedophiles is so high that their unscrupulous statements should be weighed in that light. How can you detect if they are telling a lie? Answer: if they open their mouths.

  • 10 Mary // Jun 13, 2013 at 11:08 am

    AW , If you draw the line at the tween ages it has nothing to do with it.
    BUT if you are a parent you know the variance in the innocence and personality of children. I DO NOT see any difference between the molestation of a ten yr old vs a thirteen yr old or even sixteen yr old.
    The older hx’s who find themselves unattractive to the youthful men seek younger pastures as do some heteros. Have personally seen and heard this from boys and their parents .There are clerics who focus on having altar servers and teen parishioners who are post pubescent over to the rectories for socialization and “guidance”. They have told me about the grooming that has gone on.
    Moral priests should include a parent for their own protection as well as the boy’s.

    What has been spoken about very little, because it is not PC in a ’sexually liberated culture” , is the psychological impact the initial first sexual encounter has..Scripture refers to this.
    Many young men have told me that their first encounter was with an older homosexual man and that is when they”knew’ they must be that way too. In reading the testimonials at trials countless victims said the same ,some stating they realized they weren’t only after they fell in love with a woman and had children of their own.
    “I figured I was gay because why else would the priest have been attracted to me?” , is a common theme and later,”Only after I had children of my own did I realize the full horror of what was done to me and that it was not my fault.”

    The saddest statement I heard came from a young man dying of AIDS whose sister asked him at the Hospice when he knew he was a homosexual. She did not see any effeminate qualities in him growing up. “When Fr X sodomized me he said, ‘Now you are one of us.’ “. This knowledge is not lost on the initiated.
    Also quoted in the preface of Mrs Engel’s ROS book.

    The bonding that occurs ,referred to in Scripture while advocating virginity prior to marriage , makes sense psychologically speaking.
    More happens in the initial act of sexuality then just a physical encounter. The psyche is impacted coupled with any powerful physical experience.
    Modern medicine has recently identified this as PTSD.
    I hold great respect for the wisdom of the ancients which science usually blows off as having been ignorant.

  • 11 Mary // Jun 13, 2013 at 11:18 am

    I might add I hold little respect for the Psychologists that are considered DSM sexperts in their field.

    “John William Money (8 July 1921 – 7 July 2006) was a psychologist, sexologist and author, specialising in research into sexual identity and biology of gender. He has been the subject of controversy due to his work with the sex-reassignment of David Reimer.[1]”

    Kinsey another controversial sexologist

  • 12 Joseph D'Hippolito // Jun 13, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    Frankly, I’m not surprised that endorsing pedophilia is a hallmark of Leftist revolutionaries. Peter Hitchens believes that one of the Left’s main goals is to destroy not just societal taboos but anything that would encourage common decency, which narcissists hate. For many on the Left, revolution means “sex, drugs and rock and roll” far more than Marxist economics.

  • 13 Augusta Wynn // Jun 13, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    Thank you, Mary. Your clarity from experience is very helpful.

  • 14 TheAltonRoute // Jun 13, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    The whole left-right conflict is nothing but a charade and occult magic show designed to keep the masses ignorant.

  • 15 Father Michael Koenig // Jun 13, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    Joseph, I’m not surprised either. Many (not all) on the left want to break down all traditional bonds and replace these with the “love” and care of the collective, which practically speaking means an overbearing “big brother” or “nanny” state.

    Just look up the so called “Frankfurt School” to see how far back the plans for this sort of thing go.

  • 16 Augusta Wynn // Jun 13, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    Joseph, if there were such labels then as now, wouldn’t Jesus have been considered a Leftist? I have known a “leftist” or two, and they are not without common decency, to say the least about that.
    Common decency dictates the protection of children. The obligation of the right and the left and all in the middle.

  • 17 Mary // Jun 13, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    Joseph, you may be interested in these articles too.

    A recent article

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    More confirmation of the effects of money from Lobbies

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