Those of us with Bircher relatives remember that they saw everything through the lens of communism: whatever went wrong, it must be the fault of communism. They were right to some extent: the communists were making life miserable for a lot of people, and, yes, Alger Hiss was a communist. But most evils were the result of other bad tendencies in human nature.

Racism has become the new communism. A man kills prostitutes: it must be because he is a racist. The serial killer of prostitutes is a recognized type of criminal from Jack the Ripper onward. There is something about the warped sexuality of a few men which makes them murderously angry at prostitutes. Race has nothing to do with it.

Just before Passover a Syrian immigrant drives 25 miles to a supermarket that advertises its Kosher department and murders the people from the Jewish neighborhood who are shopping for Passover. The media cannot fathom a motive because there is no racial angle. Antisemitism is the most likely motive, but not a peep has been heard from the media about that possibility, because it does not fit the obsession with racism that dominates newsrooms.

European countries are discovering that they can have a Jewish minority or a Muslim minority; they cannot have both and have social peace, and there are more Muslim voters than Jewish. The United States may discover the same painful truth.

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