Father Michael asks some good questions. 

These is no psychological classification of “ephebophile.” An ephebophile is just a homosexual who likes teenage boys, just as there are many adult heterosexuals (such as Roman Polanski) who like teenage girls. The term ephebophile is a smokescreen to disguise the fact that some homosexuals have teenage victims. 

I do not know whether homosexuals are more youth-oriented than heterosexuals are. There is some evidence that I cite in my book that they, but it is not overwhelming. What is firmly established is that homosexuals have far more sexual partners than heterosexuals do, and this means more victims. 

Have the seminaries changed? I do not know. The bishops say they have changed, but the bishops also assured us there was no problem to begin with. I do not believe any fact that a bishop asserts until I have verified it.  

Also, remember that the reforms that costly legal settlements have forced bishops to make are limited to the United States; I must assume that seminaries and clergies in many parts of the world are similar to what they were in America at the highest level of abuse. A priest in an Hispanic country has told me that things are as bad there now as they ever were in the United States, and the government and the bishops collude to hide the problem

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