Swinging is supposedly a decadent phenomenon the late twentieth century. Up-country South Carolina, however, was the site of a Fishy Transaction.

A man named Fish went one day with his wife to Major Hog’s store to do some trading. After a while another man by the name of Durret and his wife came to the store, and whilst the women were trading the men were drinking whiskey. The women in the meantime drank rum, of the kind known as n—-r rum, which they liked better than the whisked because of the sweet taste. By the time they were through trading, both the men and their wives began to feel pretty happy, and the men agreed to swap wives, if the wives were willing. One said she was willing to be swapped, and the other said she was willing, but she required a bottle of rum extra. So the trade was concluded and all parties went home satisfied and happy.

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