The Feast of Anna and Joachim

July 26

Ann and Joachim were very early identified as Mary’s mother and father.
Ann and Joachim Kiss

There is also a charming image of the kiss of Ann and Joachim at the Golden Gate.

Joachim and Mary in swaddling clothes

Here are Joachim and Ann with the new-born Mary in swaddling clothes.


Ann and Mary

Another was modeled after the icon of The Mother of God Sweet-Kissing, Mary is shown tenderly embracing Ann.

ann mary Jesus 1

Ann was frequently show holding Mary who was holding Jesus.

Joachim Holy Family 1

Here is the Holy Family of Joachim, Anna, and Mary, who is springing from the Root of Jesse.
Joachim and Mary

I like the image of Joachim holding his daughter; again, based on the icon of The Mother of God Sweet-Kissing.

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