The Germans say that Schadenfreude is the best Freude. Of course, they would. It’s a sin of some sort, I am sure.


So why are the Clinton supporters insisting in giving so much of this joy to the other half of the electorate?  And they insist on doing it on camera. Don’t know they are being an occasion of sin to Trump voters?

clinton-supporter-1Boo Hoo




Pobre de mi!




Pepe dances.

In our bizarre political world, I understand that Pepe the frog is a hate symbol, according to Wikipedia

During the 2016 United States presidential election, associations of the character with Donald Trump’s campaign, white nationalism, and the alt-right were described by various news organizations. In May 2016, Olivia Nuzzi of The Daily Beast wrote how there was “an actual campaign to reclaim Pepe from normies” and that “turning Pepe into a white nationalist icon” was an explicit goal of some on the alt-right. In September 2016, an article published on Hillary Clinton’s campaign website described Pepe as “a symbol associated with white supremacy” and denounced Donald Trump’s campaign for its supposed promotion of the meme. The Anti-Defamation League, an American organization opposed to antisemitism, included Pepe in its hate symbol database but noted that most instances of Pepe were not used in a hate-related context.


The Beast says

Another anonymous white nationalist, @PaulTown, claimed to be “in my late 20s,” but declined to say where he exists geographically, other than to confirm that, every few months, he meets the members of his community in New York City. He estimated the broad #FrogTwitter movement to consist of about 30 people but said 10 core members helped plot it out over drinks in late 2015, before taking to /r9k/.

“We all do some weightlifting, so we met through friends involved in that scene,” he said. “Turning Pepe into a white nationalist icon was one of our original goals, although we’ve had our hands in many other things.”

Perhaps we should ask Queen Elizabeth if she feels up to taking another country on.




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