I am aware of the dangers of confirmation bias, but I have never come across any anecdotes or statistics that purport to show that men, not women, are the predominant members of church congregations.

In John Gunstone’s Lift High the Cross: Anglo-Catholics and the Congress Movement I came across this in the section on the 1930 Congress:

“Rosenthal pointed out that twice as many women went to church as men…. He referred to the practice (in cheches where men and women sat on opposite sides of the central aisle) of men going to the communion rail first, and he quoted what a woman had said about it: ‘No doubt it is on the same principle as that on which men give precedence to women in the world; in church, poor dears, men are the weaker sex.’ There was much truth, he said, in the satirical verse:

In the conflict for Religion,
In the turmoil and the strife,
You will find the Christian soldier
Represented by his wife.”

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