A sister of one of Sandusky’s victims is a student at Penn State. The Patriot-News reports

In a parallel universe, going to class might be a nice distraction, to get her mind off the chaos surrounding the arrest of the man accused of molesting her brother.

But not as a junior at Penn State, where students are making jokes about being “Sanduskied.”

“I can’t escape it,” said the junior, whose brother was allegedly molested in a shower by former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky when he was 11.

“I’ve been going to minimal classes, because every class I go to I get sick to my stomach. People are making jokes about it. I understand they don’t know I’m involved and it was my brother, but it’s still really hard to swallow that.”

“I’ve just been really upset about it all because a lot of people aren’t focusing on the victims in this,” she said. “And instead they’re focusing on other things, like football. As much as you shouldn’t blame the football players … they should be focusing on their respect for the families and what they’ve been through.”

Instead, the outrage on campus has been directed mostly at national media, which descended during the weekend, set up camp and have stayed put as the scandal violently jolts in directions that, each day, seem more unbelievable than the last.

And here and here and here are the students expressing their opinions about the media. At least, unlike certain Catholic cardinals, the students are not blaming the Jews – at least not yet.

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