It certainly looks like Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) did what he was accused of doing – it is hard to imagine why a chambermaid would have made up such a story, and there seems to be forensic evidence. But after the violent tryst, DSK didn’t seem to be worried or anxious.

My wife, a reader of detective novels, has come up with a possible explanation.

Once we were giving an important party and decided to stay at the Royal Suite in a city and in a hotel which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty. My wife mentioned to a guest it would be nice to have an espresso machine in the morning. The guest had a friend who had worked at this hotel, and she said that those who stayed in this suite would be given anything – and that meant anything – they wanted: espresso machines, orchids, cocaine, call girls, etc. We settled for an espresso machine.

DSK was staying at the poshest suite at the Sofitel in Manhattan. Perhaps he had ordered through the hotel’s special services a pre-lunch snack and mistook the chambermaid for the snack. That would explain: 1. the behavior he was accused of 2. his lack of concern after the behavior.

Of course neither he nor the hotel nor the French government would admit that this was what had happened, if indeed it did happen that way. Nor would it keep DSK out of jail. The second he is given bail he will find a way to get to France, which does not extradite its citizens. We Americans are such Puritans about rape and child abuse – enlightened Europeans in Paris and the Vatican can’t understand our obsessions. DSK has the sympathy of the elites and will live comfortably if only he can persuade a New York judge to trust him out on bail. He would forfeit a million bucks, but what is that to a Socialist?

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