My local newspaper, The Naples Daily News, reports

A woman was arrested on burglary charges after being found standing in a person’s garage naked with items loaded in the back of a truck, Collier County sheriff’s deputies say.

Amber Marie Welsh, 32, of the 1700 block of Sunshine Boulevard, Golden Gate, was arrested Thursday by deputies in the 3600 block of White Boulevard.

When deputies arrived, they said they found Welsh standing naked in the victim’s garage next to a dark gray F-150 pickup truck that was backing inside and the bed of the truck was full of items.

According to reports, the victim was present at the time of the investigation and stated that the items, totaling $1,500, in the bed of the truck belonged to them and did not give permission for the items to be removed.

Welsh told deputies she was hired by the home’s owner to clean and remove all of the property from the house.

The reports did not explain why Welsh was naked inside the garage nor did it describe the items that were stolen.

Welsh faces charges of burglary and grand theft.

And we will never learn the explanation for the alleged thief’s state of undress, and whether she planned to make her getaway in that state. Not that anyone would have noticed.

One day I was going for my morning walk on the deserted beach when a young man (and not even a German) asked me if anyone would mind his skinny-dipping in the Gulf. I said I had no objections, but he might consider the security cameras on the houses facing the beach.

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