This important religious news was published in the New York Times of June 2, 1907 :


Dr. Ladd of Jamaica Hit While Holding Services

While holding a special service in his church recently, the Rev. Dr. Ladd, rector of  Grace Episcopal Church in Jamaica, L. I., was struck with an egg. Every effort has been made to keep the matter secret, but the investigation to discover the identity of the egg thrower revealed the facts.

Dr. Ladd and Prof. Frank E. Hopkins, director of the music, arranged ten days ago for an elaborate service upon the twelfth anniversary of  the installation of the surpliced choir in Grace Church, and Prof. Hopkins obtained the co-operation of the boys’ choir from the Church of the Heavenly Rest of this city. A large congregation attended. Also outside the church a large crowd of boys appeared.

Word had been passed round that ice cream was to be served to the choir boys after the service, and many boys believed that they could palm themselves off as choir members and share in the feast. Prior to the service they gathered at the chapel door and importuned some of the church officers for some of the cream that stood in tubs in the chapel.

When repulsed they sought means to revenge themselves. A sitting hen, whose nest was near the church, was robbed.

During the rendering of a cantata, an egg, believed to have been intended for Prof. Hopkins, since he had refused to give the cream to outsiders, was thrown through an open door. It struck Dr. Ladd as he sat in the chancel, breaking and spreading its contents upon his white surplice. A second egg followed. A couple of the larger members of the choir rose quietly and passed through the door, but the boys who had thrown the eggs escaped.

Prof. Hopkins has been doing detective work ever since, and Dr. Ladd has left his home for a short rest.


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