The Biden administration does not realize that what they say is noticed in other countries.

Biden campaigned against what he characterized as Trump’s inhumane immigration policies. Democratic leftists have come out for totally open borders (as has The Economist). Consequently, there is a massive surge at the border, and the Biden administration is not sending back unaccompanied minors (mostly older teenagers, from the few pictures I’ve seen) but is trying to process them and send them to relatives or sponsors. As word gets around, even more teenagers will show up.


  • All over the Southwest you see  posters warning about human trafficking.
  • My contacts indicate that human trafficking has replaced drug smuggling as the leading border problem.
  • Who are these minors? Do we have proof who they are?
  • To whom are we sending them? Have their relatives and sponsors been vetted, or are we turning them over to pimps and dealers?
  • Since vaccinations are not approved yet for minors, how do we know we are not seeding coronavirus around the country, especially in already hard-hit Hispanic communities?
  • As the market for unskilled workers has collapsed during the pandemic, what are these minors going to do? Will they have any opportunity for honest work? Or are they going to be forced into prostitution and drug running?
  • The Biden administration is discovering there are no easy answers to the current situation, and it may be forced to revert to the harsh policies of the Trump administration as being the least damaging, both to the U.S. and to the migrants.
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