In researching in old newspapers, my wandering eye alights on gems which should not be lost to memory. Here is an article from the New York Times, November 30, 1909

Zeppelin in New Symphony 

Count’s First Voyage

the Theme of August Bungert’s New Work 

Berlin, Nov. 29. August Bungert’s new symphony, “Zeppelin’s First Voyage,” will be produced under the direction of Prof. William Res at Coblenz on Wednesday. The work is dedicated to Count Zeppelin and furnishes another indication of the modern spirit of music by introducing the automobile horn as an orchestral instrument.

The theme describes the preparations for the Count’s ascent in his first dirigible balloon, the smooth flight, the applause of the multitudes as the airship passes over the plains, the mountains, the valleys, and the cities, the thunderstorm, the landing and finally the destruction of the aerocraft by fire.

Somehow it never entered the repertoire

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