David Jones of Ohio commented on Justice’s O’Neall’s description of the prophecy that causes the Quakers to move from South Carolina to Ohio. Jones that said of Zachary Dicks

During the year 1803 the minister made a visit to Wrighstboro monthly meeting in Georgia, and integral part of Bush River quarterly meeting. He there told the Friends of a terrific internecine war not far in the future, during which may men like those in the Apocalypse would flee to the mountains and call om those mountains to hide them. With reference to the time of fulfillment, he said that the child was then born that would see it, intimating the time, not as immediate, but not as far off. He also advised them to leave there, which they did. Forty-eight years after came the predicted war.

Friend Dicks must have been at this time rather elderly, for I am informed that not long before the Revolution he had been at Guilford, North Carolina, and foretold that war. Pointing to the walls of the meeting house he said that the floors and walls would be stained with human blood. This was literally fulfilled, for, after the bloody battle of Guilford, the Friends carried the wounded soldiers, both British and American, into the house and performed for them the part of the good Samaritan; the stains of whose blood, though faded, were on its walls many years afterwards.

To those who are skeptical as to Z. Dicks’ prophetical attainments, I will only say that he was at least a “good guesser.”

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